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Pottery is the making of dishes with flowers and the pot is made of pottery. The most famous pottery can be referred to pottery and pottery. Before the wreath of glass, pottery was the most commonly used human case. The best-quality soil in the pottery industry is clay, which is red because of its high iron content. Pottery is one of the first human industries. Although it is not well-known, but based on the ancient findings of the ancient Sumerian land, the recent discovery of Jiroft's civilization has created doubts about this theory, the famous civilization known as the sandal that, according to the latest excavations, dates back to six thousand years ago. And a tablet that was discovered in Jiroft was sent to study in the United States and France, which was deciphered by Chicago and Paris masters. The results showed that the region is 300 years older than the writing line of the Susa Civilization.

Pottery, perhaps one of the oldest man's creations.

Early humans from the time they thought of saving water and food, and found the adhesion and formation of clay, made pottery in various shapes.

With time and expanding life, pottery also evolved. The creators created roses with their hands on mudflowers and decorated them with different colors. Now it's available in some parts of Iran including: Ming Gonabad, Laljin Hamedan, Meybod Yazd, Shahreza Isfahan, Zenuz Azarbayjan, Kalpurgan Sistan and Baluchestan, Mazandaran Jovebar and Siahkalk Gilan Pottery

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