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vase Khayyami

Product Code : SV-4-40
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Height : 40
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Persian pottery (sometimes called Iranian pottery)
refers to the pottery works made by the artists of
Persia (Iran) and its history goes back to early Neolithic
Age (7th millennium BCE). Through the centuries,
Persian potters have responded to the demands and
changes brought by political turmoil by adopting and
refining newly introduced forms and blending
them into their own culture. This innovative attitude has
survived through time and influenced many other cultures
around the world. There are big collections of Persian pottery
at the British Museum, the Hermitage Museum, and the Royal
Ontario Museum. In 2013, the Royal Ontario Museum, in partnership
with Brill Publishers in the Netherlands, published a special
book about this art entitled "Persian Pottery in the First Global Age
 vase Khayyami