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Carpet weave is a simple texture of cotton or wool and wool, usually woven from woven animal wool, each area having its own design and is generally used as a carpet. Kim texture may have other uses other than rug among the tribes: including salt dill, horsehair, tent tape.

It can be said that in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa, wheat shepherds and sheep and camels are growing, and their people have specialties in carpet weaving. The people of Turkmen, Pechezaz, Turk, Arab and ... have produced and used carpets.

In Persian literature, generally, the carpet is woven with Zilu or Jajim and ... in a sense, but it is definitely a carpet weaving that is woven from the weaving of the warp on the molded warps and is not used with auxiliary devices such as Masurra and ... which is the case of the difference The flower is with Zilu or Jajim and the other types mentioned in the literature.

Important: The flower is different from Zilu and Jajim.

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