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When it comes to craftsmanship, it also loses its ability to compete with Chinese products!

When it comes to craftsmanship, it also loses its ability to compete with Chinese products!

Meanwhile, attention to handicrafts has a special place, as it leads both to job creation and to the better and better introduction of Iranian culture and identity. But the introduction of this year as the year of Iranian product support affects the introduction and increase the amount of handicraft sales !?

Shahram Amiri is one of the most influential artists in the field. According to him, these naming remain as a slogan and will not have a positive impact on the introduction of craftsmanship because the necessary premises are not provided for it to be realized. The first issue to be addressed is the trust of the society in Iranian goods, and in order to achieve this trust, Iranian goods must first be introduced and advertised and supported by state institutions.

He points out the need for standardization: We need standardization and need assessment before we trust the Iranian product. We have to pay attention to the practical aspects of our crafts and design. It is not enough that our products are beautiful and artistic and genuine; it is necessary that what we produce is functional and standard. For example, a glass of clay, which is creative and good water and color, but fails and does not stand on the table. What is the benefit?

Amiri believes that modernization of handicrafts is essential and says: Today, people do not wear trousers or do not eat during the Safavid period, so we need to update our handicrafts with the touch of originality, and this is something that artists should pay attention to. They do. Although there is no compulsion for our artists, for example, when I'm a manufacturer, I'm starting a workshop. Someone does not ask me: Have you designed a logo? Products are standard or not? Do you have good packaging? As many as not asking me, how many people did you work?

This active artist in the field of engravings continues to say that production in our land is not graded. If I follow the standards, I will produce a quality and functional product; no one tells me that your products are first class because there are no production grades. While there is a need for competition, I need to add some kind of quality to their work. Moreover, no matter how much, my good product is good and can not compete with Chinese models.

Handicraft should be applied and updated

According to Nima Zakeri Saeed, a leather worker in response to the naming of the New Year as a year, how does she support the sale of Iranian goods? "I do not know from other areas, but the title does not affect handicrafts." The past was called the "Resistance Economics, Production and Employment" for the year, and in practice there was no particular event in these two fields, because naming alone is not enough and there should be proper management in this regard.

He points to the high prices of raw materials and the effects of rising prices for the dollar: I am working on leather. I can safely say that the price of the fittings has multiplied; for example, a needle that was 500 USD was about $ 1,500 tomorrow. Therefore, naming one year, "Protecting Iran's goods is not enough, and we have to support domestic producers and provide them with cheaper materials or provide them with other facilities."

Zakeri Said, pointing out that domestic manufacturers are not in a position to compete with Chinese goods, says the cost of a wallet is 20,000 tomans; how much to sell this bag, which is competitive with the Chinese example, which is sold at half the cost of production. ? Therefore, the statesmen must stop importing goods, why should they wear bags, shoes and clothes in this volume and dimensions. On the other hand, they will help us to provide raw materials, otherwise we will not be able to compete with Chinese products.

This leather artist is referring to the necessity of using handicrafts: Today's audiences like that piece of applied arts, and artists have no choice but to produce products that have the only decorative aspect and work in everyday life. They do not come to a halt.

Zakeri Saeed considers updating as another necessity of handicrafts and believes: Today's audience likes new designs and artists need to be updated and their taste and taste should be understood and treated accordingly, and not every day from the number of their customers. They can not earn a good income, and they are proofs of craftsmanship. It means that leather and glitter, gobah, pottery and anything that has a practical aspect are welcome and better. "
Source:mehr news
Date: 5/5/2018
Time : 93