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bullet Several approaches to identify individuals who are addicted to money

When you talk about addiction to money, our minds quickly realized that concepts such as greed. But the new study, researchers have shown that addiction to money, the issue is complex and extensive. As some researchers have some kind of addiction, money, physical illness - mental, not as a moral issue.
Are you addicted to money? To examine this question, we must examine the patients symptoms. According to recent research conducted by Stanford University's organizational health, addiction to money issue is independent of the job. Conditions in the workplace that causes a person to be drawn into the drug money. Regardless of whether the employee or the Employer. Such an approach has been considered a disease of the research money. The people who are addicted to money, reactions and similar processes have been addicted to drugs. When these people money to gain a sense of elation and euphoria are found. Even physical reaction rates manner unbelievably rises. A person can be physically beyond their normal work, run and stay awake. People who work in the stock example of this concept are very interesting. They can withstand incredibly sleeplessness and hunger, without any impairment in performance is seen.
Another indication of this is that people bring their money into an activity that in itself is satisfying. People addicted to the money they can do what with the money, do not care at all. The problem of how to spend money, not a priority for them. To earn money independently of the needs and desires of fundamental importance. In other words, they are not thinking about the advantages of money, but just think about how it could bring more money. As a drug addict provide these materials for use in all day to think about your body is addicted to the money they earn all preoccupation and concern Zhnyash occur more often.
The results of this research with our ideas about money, it is quite the opposite. We think that the main reason we wanted money, is meeting the needs and demands. But research shows that money can only partly be due to pleasure. If you go higher amount of money than the other person did not have the joy and pleasure. But the problem is that people get money when they do not stop their activities. But are still seeking more money. It shows that money is not going to be happy, calm and comfort that it provides to us, to be asked, but to make money on the people themselves making money. They brought money to the money to be earned. That's it. According to the researchers, the amount of money that people in America can gain pleasure from it beyond the reach of money it would not change for them, 75 thousand dollars a year. But who is contented to 75 thousand dollars a year?
One of these processes is that people with addictions to earn much more money, give more importance to money. The richer you get, the money is worth more to you. This in turn makes you want to make more money, and the garlic, and continue to steadily increase. On the other hand, to obtain more money makes people think they have a better picture. We normally think of others as well who are (or see themselves above their average). We expect that its supremacy in monetary gain, to show. If you look at the people who are around us, most of our assets, we feel injustice. We are better than others - or at least the same level as the others - know. So much money they have. Judge us on what makes the environment in which we grow and work. If you have family, friends and colleagues, our wealthy men to form, we'll find a talent for becoming addicted to money. Because our minds are constantly comparing themselves with close friends and strengthen mental comparisons, means to strengthen the value and importance of money. Research shows that fewer women than men in this area are vulnerable. Save power rivalry in women than men. Therefore highly subjective comparison of their money than men. The image of the ideal men and women differently. What is at stake in such circumstances, the amount of annual salary, not even the quality of life by which money is created. Now ask yourself again. Do you have a money addiction?